Nuova Faor SF-701 Nitro RACING

Nuova Faor SF-701 Nitro RACING

SKU: SF-701

The SF-701 from Nuova Faor is an update of the SF-509.


Many updates have been made, the swingarm is still made of aluminum, but now only 60mm wide, giving greater lean angles. The chain tension is adjusted by means of two blade screws, the axle itself is also fixed in the swing arm with two blade screws. Changing the wheel is even quicker now. 


Since July 2017, the model is powered by a NOVAROSSI BK15 engine with side exhaust instead of a Picco engine, Which also allows a relatively uncomplicated mounting of the polished resonance tube without sacrificing lean angle. The model is started with an external electric starter, this starter (item number X256) is already included in the kit. 


you will need a 7.2V NiCd or NiMH stickpack with Tamiya connector.


The bike is alternatively also offered without internal combustion engine and without the electric starter. A combustion engine with side exhaust and sliding gasifier is then required to operate the bike.


The SF-701 now comes with the higher-quality probike fork. The fork itself is now somewhat shorter, which reduces the risk of bending the fork brackets during a crash. 


The front and rear wheels are each equipped with a disc brake with cable pull.  Instead of servos in standard size, smaller and smaller servos are now being used in mini- or mid-size sizes (35 x 15 mm, eg Savöx SH-1250MG).


NF uses one-piece plastic rims for the SF-701, which do not require any inserts. Matching tires are available from PMT: PMT tires 1: 5 for classic rims . The assembly and bonding of the tires is very simple. With optional Nuova Faor weights fitted to the rims, the gyro effect can be increased and the bike can be tuned to suit driving style and conditions.


Attention: The model is only delivered with rims, the tires are not included!


The model is supplied pre-assembled, only the fairing and the driver are made of clear Lexan and can be painted individually. With the enclosed sticker sheet, a large part of the fairing as well as the driver's doll can be glued from the outside. 


To operate the model a remote control with 3 servos (3x miniservo 35 x 15m) for front wheel brake, gas / rear wheel brake and steering is needed. Therefore, a 3-channel remote control is recommended for the operation of the model, in which the front wheel brake (3rd channel) can be admixed.


The brake balance between the front and the rear can be adjusted much easier and finer. The tires are not yet included in the kit. The accessories for this model can be found in our spare parts section. 


If you have any further questions or queries,  send us an e-mail.


  • Technical Specs :

    Technical specifications:

    scale 1: 5
    length 420 mm
    Width (without bracket) 105 mm
    height 250 mm
    wheelbase About 298 mm
    Weight (with tire & fairing, without RC & fuel) About 1680 g
    speed Depending on engine and transmission up to 100 km / h
    Engine (included) Internal combustion engine NOVAROSSI BK15 (2,5ccm) with side exhaust