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Join The RC Moto Movement. 


And get all the two wheel action packed fun you need that is both safe and seriously addictive!


Holeshot Hobbies sells high quality RC motorcycles for bikeheads and RC enthusiasts alike. Whether you are a seasoned RC biker, RC car enthusiast whose wanting to dip your toes into something different or just downright curious, we can provide the complete package to get you going. From off-road 1/4 scale bikes to 1/8th scale on-road race machines, electric and nitro models we've got it covered.


Born from a childhood love of bikes, RC toys and a general enjoyment of "tinkering" - our mission is to grow the RC Moto sport/hobby further in Australia, to match the likes of our overseas counterparts, where momentum is growing in size year on year.


Thanks to us, Australia now has it's own local distributor. This means when you need something, we can respond quickly and timely, without the long waiting periods.(no worries you can pat us on the back later!)


These little dynamos have all the adrenalin and action of a real motorcycle but without the injury worries that come with it. The way we see it? it's a win, win! Just visit our video gallery here and see for yourself.


Race your mates at the track or perfect your skills doing figure eights in the backyard or local park - we promise you, mastering wheelie control is loads of fun too!


Drooling yet? We get it. Just head here Or check out our facebook page to become a part of the RC Moto Movement




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