ZH Racing Z-416B 1/5 Electric

ZH Racing Z-416B 1/5 Electric

SKU: ZH-416B

ZH RAcing Z-416B 1/5 Electric race bike.


Building from the successful Z-420B, the Z-416B is nothing short of exceptional. The excellent build quality and high grade materials make this bike strong and durable as ever.


Easy to learn on for beginners making it the best choice for starting out with a 1/5 racer. For advanced racers the Z-416B will have you smiling from ear to ear as you power slide out of one corner and slide the rear on brakes into the next. 


Main Features of the ZH-416B :


  • Totally redesigned chassis plates. Improved strength and protection to electronics tray.
  • Updated steering geometry while still using the same steering head from the 420B
  • lower mounting for brake servo to further improve COG.
  • Higher mounting location for scratch bars, improving lean angle and cornering ability.
  • updated rear suspension geometry for more improved and responsive shock action.
  • Adjustable battery spacing and battery length.
  • Intergrated front brake and lower fork leg reduce parts and further enhance durability of bike.


As with all the ZH-RACING line of bikes, we carry all the spares and option parts available.

ZH-RACING offer additional tunning options to set the bikes up to best suit your needs.


This kit requires electronics, any 1/10 scale ESC and 540 size motor will work. M3 GRP tyres and RG evolution body are included with the kit. 



  • ZH Racing Z-416B 1/5 Electric




    • The durable 1/5 bike structure
    • Carbon fiber chassis
    • Carbon fiber wheels
    • Aluminum front USD forks
    • Adjustable large volume rear shock
    • Front disc brake
    • High quality steering damper
    • Full ball-bearings included
    • Pre-assembled chassis (ARTR)
    • Fully adjustable Chassis and improved LCG from previous model.

    Required to run:

    • Radio system
    • 1 low profile servo for steering (Hitec HS-7775MG/Savox 1251MG or similar)
    • 1/10 Scale Car Brushless Motor and ESC
    • 7.4v 25C LiPo battery
  • Technical Specs :

    scale 1: 5
    length 420mm
    Width  85mm 
    height 155mm (chassis only)


    Weight (chassis, wheels and tires) approx. 1051g
    drive battery 7.4V LiPo / 7.2V NiMH