ZH-218B 1:8 Competition Chassis & hub kit

ZH-218B 1:8 Competition Chassis & hub kit

SKU: ZH-218C


Building on the very fast and successful 216B, the 218B has some subtle upgrades and slight changes to make it even better. If you already own a 216B you will be happy to know that the new parts are available to retro fit the previous model.


The 218B uses a cantilever swingarm with the motor mounted to it. This helps in weight transfer and balance of the bike front to rear. The design of the 218B is a much slimmer and the battery is mounted sideways allowing even greater lean angles for fast corners.

This kit uses a 2030 size brushless motor ( not included), 2 X Micro servos 1 for steering and 1 for front brake, for the ESC you may use any 1/10 or 1/16 Car ESC and a compatible brushless motor 2030. We have ESC and motors available here.


The kit comes Assembled without electronics, wheels and tyres. Hubs are included with the kit and ready to mount with GRP rims and rubber. You will find those here. Will require some disassembly when installing the servo's, electronics and front brake setup. illustrated instructions available at, www.zh-racing.com

  • ZH-218B 1/8 RACE KIT

    ZH 218B Competition race bike.


    Model comes assembled without electronics. We recommend:


    Hobby WIng 25A Brushless ESC included with 2030 size brushless motor


    A full supply of replacement parts and option tuning parts available here.

    These bikes are ideal to race on any 1/10 scale on-road track or larger. 


    Other Features:


    • The durable 1/8 bike is similar to 1/5 bike structure
    • Carbon fiber chassis
    • New for 2018 alloy head stock
    • Aluminium motor mount
    • Milled lower fork legs for improved leaning clearance
    • intergrated lower fork leg and brake caliper
    • Includes brushless motor and ESC with programming card!
    • Aluminum front and rear wheels
    • High grip tires
    • Aluminum USD forks
    • Cantilever carbon swingarm
    • Adjustable large volume rear shock
    • Front disc brake
    • Full ball-bearings included
    • Steering rods and springs
    • Nylon crash bars
    • New upgraded steering damper
    • Side ways battery mounting battery, like 1/5 scale bikes for extreme lean.
    • New Release (2018) Detailed and durable Lexan bodywork with rider (unpainted)
    • Pre-assembled chassis 
    • Radio control and battery not included

    Required to run:

    • RX/TX
    • LiPo battery
    • ESC, Motor and 2 x Micro servos



  • Technical Specs :


    scale 1: 8
    length 275mm
    Width  30mm
    height 220mm
    wheelbase 190mm
    Weight  (chassis with motor) 427g
    drive battery 7.4V LiPo / 7.2V NiMH
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