X-RIDER MARS 1:8 Build Kit

X-RIDER MARS 1:8 Build Kit

SKU: Mars-KT



This innovative new model from X-Rider RC is sure to fill a gap in todays RC Bike market and give many people the opportunity to experience and enjoy the beauty and reward that comes with using these machines.


The 3 main focuses X-Rider built the MARS around are:


1. To be the most complete and affordable RC Bike kit on the market without compromise.

2. It had to be strong, durable, easy to work on as well as awesome to look at.

3. Had to be easy to pilot for beginners while still being a capable race machine on the track.


This kit certainly ticks all the above and more. Boasting some impressive features like, Full Carbon Chassis, CNC alloy parts throughout, Oil filled rear damper and low maintenance front forks, along with a mechanical rear gyro, 


Mars uses inverted front forks, rear oil filled shock (alloy), and a totally new chassis design compared with the Saturn. This bike uses a cantilever swingarm for better COG and weight transfer, the result is a more stable, yet agile bike. 


The Mechanical rear wheel gyro makes the bike so easy for beginners to pick up, and have excellent control from the first pull of the trigger. In order to manage costs, a brushed power plant was selected, an added benefit in using a brushed motor is the smooth power delivery through the entire throttle curve.


A full range of replacement parts and option upgrades are available and capable of transforming the MARS from a conservative beginner friendly bike into a competitive track beast.


This kit requires assembly. You will need to purchase rims, tyres, body and electronics to complete the kit.

These can be found in our spare parts for the bike here.


If you would like more information about this bike or any others email us at, holeshothobbes@bigpond.com






  • Technical Specs :

    Technical Specs :



    scale 1: 8
    length 289mm
    Width  72mm
    height 140mm
    wheelbase 204mm
    Full Weight  approx 735g
    drive battery 1300mah 7.4V LiPo 
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