X-RIDER CX-EVO RTR 1:10 Motorcycle

X-RIDER CX-EVO RTR 1:10 Motorcycle


CX-3 EVO 1:10 RTR Radio control Motorcycle.


The CX-3 EVO is an upgraded version of the newest and most affordable motorcycle in the X-RIDER range of bikes. CX-3 EVO is packed with a host of uprgrades, it's hard to believe the cost is only slightly more than the CX-3 AIR. 


The main features of CX-3 EVO compared with CX-3 Air are the electronics package and the inclusion of the classic fully functional twin disc front brake setup. The EVO also comes equipped with chain and sprocket drive instead of the belt drive setup found on the CX-3 Air.


CX- 3 EVO includes:

•           2.4 GHz radio and receiver

•           Hobbywing EZRUN 18A brushless ESC

•           20T EZRUN brushless motor,

•           7.4V 550mah 25C 2s lipo.



 CX-3 EVO has a narrow chassis of just 22mm. The drive train has been re-designed to a more traditional spur and pinion setup, transferring the power to the back wheel via chain and sprocket.


The bike comes equipped with mechanical rear wheel gyro. This system has been extremely effective, reliable and virtually maintenance free. The gyro gives the bike extra stability to cope with changing running surfaces along with making it much easier for beginner users to get familiar with controlling the bike.


Cx-3  EVO has a lower centre of gravity and a weight saving of 20 grams compared to previous models. A redesigned lower fairing, allows greater lean angle clearance during high speed cornering. Alloy Upside down front forks and oil filled adjustable rear shock absorber keep the wheels well planted to the road.


The full range of optional parts and accessories is available here.


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  • Technical Specs :

    Size: 205x55x110(mm)

    Wheelbase: 145(mm)

    Height: 205(mm) (including pilot)

    Weight: 484(g)

    Motor: Brushless 20T Hobbywing EZRUN

    ESC: Hobbywing 18A EZRUN Brushless ESC

    Servo: Digital steering servo

    Battery: 7.4V/25C/550mAh/Li-Po      

$345.97 Regular Price
$311.37Sale Price