SCS M2 - Powerlock 2 Differential

SCS M2 - Powerlock 2 Differential

SKU: M10400

Powerlock 2 Set - without differential gear - Including spacer for HighGrip & LowGrip Option


Ready to Race - fully assembled


Recommendation: Order in LowGrip Option (all parts included in the set to change the config to HighGrip option)


To give you further information about Powerlock 2, we hereby summarize the most relevant aspects and advantages.


After the development and commercial launch of Powerlock 1 in 2009 we continously optimized our Powerlock 1, additionally we collect important information. It was nice to see that almost all manufactures/brands followed the concept of our differential. Some manufactures still made some mistakes, which we eliminate already in 2009 with our motorsport knowledge and development tests.

For us as SCS M2 Engineering, it is our utmost concern to bring functional technology onto the market.
Therefore the next step was clear, to optimize the Powerlock 1. Over the years we developed some ideas and decided finally to make it happen – POWERLOCK 2 is here!