Sanwa/Airtronics MT-S

Sanwa/Airtronics MT-S


The MT-S has been designed for the user who wants much more than an ordinary entry level RC system for their car or boat.

Providing true telemetry capability and Sanwa Synchronised Link (SSL) support, the MT-S has many additional programming features typicaly found only in high end radio systems.

The MT-S is a full 4 channel 2.4Ghz radio system that is easy to use and with its backlit LCD screen, it also allows easy input of its many programming options as well as viewing of telemetry data. 

Packed full of features the versatility and functionaility of this radio system is second to none in this price range and building on years of experience in radio systems you can be assured that Airtronics has built a radio that will perform brilliantly and exceed the expectations of users.


• Simplified Programming Menus
• Setup wizard with 8 car types
• 20 model memory
• Telemetry logging
• Servo reversing
• Dual rates
• Servo EPA (End Point adjustment)
• Servo speed adjustment
• Anti-lock braking
• Lap, interval and down times
• Total, Best and Individual lap display
• Four wheel steering mix
• Programmable fail safe
• Sub trims
• Programmable switches
• Adjustable LCD contrast and more!


Model: MT-S (90478)
Output Power: 60mW
Input voltage: 4.8v - 7.4v
Operating voltage: 4v - 9.6v
Dry Weight: 12.9oz (366g)
Frequency: 2.4Ghz FHSS
Modulation Type: FH3, FH4T (varies by Region)

Model: RX-482 (92082) Super Response SSL
Input voltage: 3.7v - 7.4v
Weight: .25oz (7.1g)
Dimensions: 18.2 x 24.4 x 27.1mm
Frequency: 2.4Ghz FH3/FH4T selectable via transmitter
Fail Safe Support: Yes (all channels)
Battery voltage fail safe: Yes 3.5v - 5v (FH3)  3.5v-7.4v (FH4T)


MT-S 2.4Ghz igital High Response Transmitter
RX-482 (92082) Super Response SSL Receiver
Receiver On/Off switch
3 x Receiver rubber dust proof covers


Check out the Video here:

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