ROADIES Tyre Rear B3, Vulcanised tyre on 2 piece rim.

ROADIES Tyre Rear B3, Vulcanised tyre on 2 piece rim.

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ROADIES 1: 5 Rear tyre - Compound B3 (Pro) - two-piece vulcanised on rim. 

The new ROADIES tyres are a two-piece tyre with the rubber vulcanised onto the rim half, which has improved  balance and durability of the tyre.  Screwing the two halves together with the carbon results in a solid unit, that has the option of changing just one half of the tyre on tracks where tyre wear is uneven, even the use of different compounds (eg B2 right and B3 left) is possible. 


The Carbon rims  No. 54032602 are identical for the front and rear axles. With the additional weights set no.65300030 the tyre and rim can be tuned to the needs of the pilot.

The tires can be mounted on all LIGHTSCALE / JABBER bikes with the new 2016 rear axle group (from JABBER 2015+ or LIGHTSCALE COMPETITION 2018). All older bikes can be retrofitted with the 2016 rear axle group no. 54032700 - then both old and new ROADIES can be used. At the front, a telescopic axle or BFFA must be installed (eg 54012700 , 54012710 or 54012711 ). 

The new 2016 ROADIES can also be used on models of RG Evolution (eg BK1R) with adapter # 54012030(only required on the front axle).

The "B3" compound is suitable for use on dry roads and has an optimum operating range of + 15 ° C to + 40 ° C. Especially dusty and dirty conditions are very good for the tire, especially in warm conditions 1st choice and should be preheated in cool weather.