RG Evolution BK-1R

RG Evolution BK-1R


The RG BK1R Lipo is a competition electric 1:5 model bike. The BK-1R is the successor of the RG EVO 5R, the new bikes has many new and updated features including a complete updated chassis. At the 2016 World Championships in Leipzig, the bike in the hands of RG factory drivers won the victory in both electric Superbike and Stockbike classes.


As with the bikes of some other manufacturers, the BK1R is also made up of two large carbon chassis plates, the distance of which is just 25mm. The battery is placed as usual upright under the model, the battery holder made of carbon is virtually integrated in the chassis and allows the battery to move in 4 different positions (longitudinal direction). The motor is attached as usual with a clamp on the housing in the model.


New is the construction of the rear drive shaft. Main gear and pulley sit as a combined molded part on the right side of the vehicle, the axis remains pivotal pivot point. The swingarm is as before a combination of aluminum and carbon, As standard, a belt tensioner is installed on the BK1R. The ideal drive for the BK1R is a 540-size brushless motor, which then transmits its power to the 32DP main gear (64Z) via a matching motor pinion.


The steering control of the RG BK1R Lipo is via a hydraulic steering damper with low breakaway torque. New is the arrangement of the steering servo, which now sits at RG for the first time centrally above the chassis plates. A midi-servo (35x15mm) is standard equipment, optionally with another servo plate also a standard low-profile servo (40x20mm) can be used. 


The front brake on the BK1R is fitted as standard with steel disc and Ferodo brake pads, and a carbon fiber guide on the caliper prevents the brake cable from brushing against the tire. The rear wheel is damped by a high-quality, horizontally mounted shock absorber with deflection system. The BK1R's hydraulic front fork features a special coating for good responsiveness. 


The now 30 ° inclined scratch bar holders are mounted on a separate carbon plate and can thus be easily mounted in different positions (longitudinal direction). A crash bar with 5mm diameter can be used.


The bike comes with a set of GRP REVO M3 slicks on rim stars. Alternatively, all other wheels, such as ROADIES, can be driven with the aluminum rim stars available from RG. The bike is already delivered pre-assembled. The kit includes a two-piece unpainted trim consisting of front panel + tank / seat / rider.


To operate the model, a remote control with 2 servos (2x midi servo 35 x 15mm) for steering and front brake is required. Therefore, it is recommended to operate the model with a 3-channel remote control in which the front wheel brake (3rd channel) can be added. The brake balance between front and rear can be much easier and finer adjust. 


For the drive a brushless set (540 motor size) is recommended, as a battery all 2S hardcase lipos with a length of 140mm (about 5000 to 7500 mAh) are suitable. We recommend rechargeable batteries with 4mm sockets embedded in the housing. 


Spare parts and optional upgrades can be found here.


If you have any questions or queries about this kit please send us an email here.

  • Technical Specs :

    scale 1:5

    length  425mm

    Width (without wires)   92mm

    height  250mm

    wheelbase approx 306mm

    Weight (with tires & trim without RC & Battery)   approx 1090gr

    speed  varies on motor and gearing used capable of 100+KM/H

    battery pack  2S / 7.4V lipo (approx 140 x 47 x 25mm with about 5000 to 7000 mAh)

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