RG BK-R Steering Damper

RG BK-R Steering Damper

SKU: 000010101

RGEvolution Steering damper in full Ergal 7075 alloy. 


This steering damper works with RG's "Indirect steering system" which translates to a damper that is mounted in a diagonal plane from the servo horn to the triple clamp. Testing has proved this system gives the pilot a better feel and even smoother response and more control of bike.


Anodised black, makes your bike very precise and reduces steering wobbles! Thanks to the vent holes it is impossible to overfill it because the excess oil comes out alone. The perfectly aligned axle with the damper piston and the special high-smooth coating on the shaft, the movement is plush and smooth. Compatible with many other 1:5 bikes, Length eye to eye is 113mm.