Nuova Faor T-15 Super Bike

Nuova Faor T-15 Super Bike

SKU: T-1501

The T15 from Nuova Faor is a completely new model for 2015. The steering servo now centrally located in the upper support plate for the steering head. A 35x15mm servo (eg Savöx SH-1250MG) is used for steering control. A CF plate with a larger cut-out for a 40x20mm low-profile servo is available as an option. 


The construction of the bike is very simple and maintenance-friendly.  There is a new two-part swing arm with CF arms.  The T15 now uses belt drive with tensioner, moving away from the traditional chain drive Nuova Faor has been famous for.


The drive motor is now no longer screwed from the front in the case of the T15, but is also secured via aluminum clamp, which has proven to be very successful.


The T-15 bike is delivered as standard with aluminum rims, which accommodate all standard wheels such as ROADIES or GRP. However, it is still possible to install the old NF-rims, RG rims or even the GRP-wheels with rim rims directly on the hub. As an option, NF also offers CF wheel rims and additional weights. 


3-channel computer control is ideal in which the 3rd channel for the mechanical brake can be activated depending on the second channel for gas / brake (esc). The brake balance between the front and the rear can be adjusted much easier and finer. Any 1/10 brushless ESC and motor of the 540 size required to complete.


 If you have any further questions about the model, please send us an e-mail.

  • Technical Specs :


    scale 1: 5
    length 430 mm
    Width (without bracket) 80mm
    height 235 mm
    wheelbase About 313 mm
    Weight chassis  About 960 g
    speed Depending on engine and transmission up to 100 km / h
    drive battery 7.4V LiPo (2S) Hardcase
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