Nuova Faor EVO Super Bike

Nuova Faor EVO Super Bike


The "EVO" model from Nuova Faor is as it's name suggests an evolution of theT15, launched in 2015. While the new bike looks very similar to the T15 apart from the new color there are many new parts and detailed refinements. Essentially it is a whole new bike from Nuova Faor for 2017.


- Belt pulley and main gearwheel on a shaft side (similar to RG BK1R) 
- New swingarm with direct damper support 
- New steering damper with continuous piston rod 
- Fork with more inclination 
- Narrower fork feet allowing even greater lean angles,
- Lower offset of the fork triples and modified clamping 
- New position of the steering servo 
- Stiffer chassis design in the front area 
- New position of the brackets 
- Lower position of the brake servo 
- More possibilities to change the stiffness of the chassis by means of spacers 
- Black and blue anodised alloy parts.


The New EVO has many positive improvements over the previous T15 which remains base from which the EVO was born. All the changes and new parts improve the agility and handling of the bike. Making it even easier to drive fast and consistently.


 A 35x15mm servo is required for the steering (eg Savöx SH-1250MG), an option servo mounting plate is available allowing the use of a 40x20mm low-profile servo. 


The construction of the bike is very simple and very maintenance-friendly. 


The bike comes with aluminum rims, which accept all standard tyres such as ROADIES, PMT or GRP. However, it is still possible to install the old NF-rims, RG rims or even the GRP-wheels with rims directly on the hub.


As an option, NF also offers carbon fibre wheel rims and additional weights. Tyres are not included with the kit, can be found here


The EVO bike is delivered pre-assembled, and includes lexan fairing and pilot.

The bike also includes a rear wheel stand, some tools, an NF screwdriver and a protective bag for the bike.


A 2-channel remote control with 2 servos (35 x 15mm for the steering and approx. 23 x 12mm for the front wheel brake) is required to operate the model. 


3-channel computer control is ideal in which the 3rd channel for the mechanical brake can be activated depending on the second channel for gas / brake (esc). The brake balance between the front and the rear can be adjusted much easier and finer. Any 1/10 brushless ESC and motor of the 540 size required to complete.


 If you have any further questions about the model, please send us an e-mail.

  • Technical Specs :


    scale 1: 5
    length 430 mm
    Width (without bracket) 80mm
    height 235 mm
    wheelbase About 313 mm
    Weight chassis (with tires,  battery and RC) About 960 g
    speed Depending on engine and transmission up to 100 km / h
    drive battery 7.4V LiPo (2S) Hardcase