Nuova Faor CSF-411Factory Spec Supermoto Nitro

Nuova Faor CSF-411Factory Spec Supermoto Nitro


                       Nuova Faor CSF411 Supermoto "Factory" - Nitro model on the scale 1: 4


In 2012, the well-known Italian RC bike manufacturer Nuova Faor presented the CSF411 for the first time in a 1: 4 scale model. As with all other Nuova Faor models electric and nitro versions are available. This is the nitro CSF411 and comes equipped with Nova Rossi BK15 Engine.


The CSF411 Nitro is a very detailed built Supermoto machine in the scale of 1: 4, the chassis is mainly made of aluminum, which ensures a high-quality durable and a stable structure. An outstanding detail is the aluminum wire spoke wheels with PMT slick tires, which visually upgrade the bike enormously. 


The CSF411, like its electric sister model, does not need a stabilizing flywheel (electric or mechanical gyro) in the rear wheel. The bike thus requires slightly higher speeds while driving to remain stable.


The chassis of the CSF411 consists of an aluminum bridge, which receives steering and gas / brake servo and at the bottom of the tank is attached. Two alu side parts which are bolted to the bridge take on the main gear shaft and the internal combustion engine. The final drive is classic by chain. The ultra-light frame rear consists of four aluminum tubes, which are only needed to hold a bracket for the fairing.


As with all other NF combustion models, the CSF411 uses a hydraulic front fork, a hydraulic rear shock absorber, and a cable-operated front and rear brake. The articulation takes place as with the 1: 5er models of NF via hydraulic steering damper.


New since July 2017 is the combustion engine NOVAROSSI BK15 with 2.5 cc,  The engine is started by a Rotostartsystem, an electric starter is included in the model, a 7.2V stick battery is needed for this.


The body of the model is made of clear Lexan and can therefore be customized. When using the enclosed sticker sheet, however, a good result can be achieved even with a single-color coating or even without color. 


The driver's doll is similar to the ARX models made of solid plastic and already painted. The crash bars are made of 6.5 mm thick nylon wire which are protected by a steel spring for longer durability. As a treat, the model is delivered in a practical Nuova Faor carrying bag, where the model can be stylishly carried to the place of use.


This model CSF411 is  a more sophisticated "Factory Version". It differs from the standard version by the following parts: 

- many parts (eg rims, fork, frame parts, dampers) orange anodized 
- color scheme black / orange 
- "Factory" lettering 
- additional stand for the model 
- Nuova Faor Pit Towel included in the kit


The model is already largely pre-assembled, only the installation of RC components and the design of the panel is still to be done. To operate the model, a 2-channel remote control with 2 servos (standard or low profile) for steering and gas / brakes is required. 


if you have any further questions about the model, please send me an e-mail .

  • Technical Specs :

    Technical specifications:


    scale 1: 4
    length 540 mm
    Width (handlebar, o. Bow) 240 mm
    height 410 mm
    wheelbase about 390 mm
    Weight (without RC & fuel) about 3500 g
    speed depending on engine and translation up to 60 km / h
    engine Novarossi BK15 2.5cc two-stroke engine with side exhaust and sliding carburettor