Novarossi 2.5 Bike BK15 SL3

Novarossi 2.5 Bike BK15 SL3


Novarossi 2.5, the 2014 world champion engine built specifically for motorcycles 1/5 to our specifications in collaboration with us. A very good power at low speeds and an extension that never seems to end.





  • Technical Specs :

       Displacement: 2,49 cc
       R.P.M. (max power): 42.000 RPM
       Practical range: 6.000-43.000 R.P.M.
       Bore x stroke: 14,90x14,25 mm
       Sleeve: 3 ports
       Rear ball bearings: steel
       Front ball bearings: steel
       Crankshaft: 11,5 mm - turbo
       Carburetor: aluminium - 6,5mm - slide
       Glowplug: turbo (C5TGC)
       Exhaust position: side
       Starting: standard
       Weight: ... g
       Fuel type: 16% nitro