Multifunction Bike Stand for Lightscale bikes

Multifunction Bike Stand for Lightscale bikes


Multifunction 3 in 1 bike stand from The Race Factory. This stand was specifically designed for Lightscale and Jabber bikes. Made from high grade CNC milled fiberglass the stand will keep your bike well supported and keep your tyres off the ground in 3 ways. 1. with battery out and body off 2. with battery in and body off and 3. battery in and body on. 


With battery installed and fairing attached you can see from the pictures the bike sits perfectly on the stand, hugging and holding the body as required both on the front and rear of the fairing. your bike won't fall over if knocked on the stand in any of the 3 postions. 


Neat and light weight not taking up much space in the pit box and prefect for display purpose or when wrenching on the bike. 


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