Lightscale - STX Differential

Lightscale - STX Differential



The new Lightscale STX differential, where the “X” stands for ‘Xtreme-lightweight’, offerings: Inexpensive, easy to drive, easy to maintain, extremely lightweight, upgradeable to Smooth Traction Differential (STD), all common differential gears and outdrive-axles fit, (so interchangeable with other brands), suiting all standard touring cars and F1 vehicles.


This newly developed STX differential consistently follows the goal to offer a differential with the current most popular operating principle: (Ramp differential, Limited Slip) but at a price which is now cheaper than ever before.


To achieve this without sacrificing any kind of quality the popular STD differential got trimmed down. By eliminating a ramp and the extra adapter for the main-gear mounting we were able to make the production drastically cheaper (less parts and less material) and give this advantage to the customers.


Another important design requirement was to further reduce the complexity compared to similar differentials currently on the market and to provide the customer a product that was as simple as possible. This is also achieved by the extremely small number of parts of the STX.


The differential is largely maintenance-free and, if necessary, opened with 4 screws and provides easy and fast access to the adjustment options.


The STX, like our STD, is extremely easy to drive and offers a perfect traction. What is good traction without drivability? We also took this principle to heart with the STX.


The elimination of the components made the STX a little wonder of weight. it is by far the lightest differential using this principle with only 312gram (ready to drive with main gear).


Standard delivery is filled with oil and ready to race, but without main differential gear and differential axles. It fits all common differential main gears, with both M4 and M5 holes. The M5 hole on the differential has a thread, the M4 hole is a normal hole. It can therefore be screwed in as well as secured from behind with a stop nut, depending on personal preference.


All common (standard) differential outdrive axles with spline teeth, e.g. Mecatech, Genius, Lauterbacher, FG, H.A.R.M. or Lightscale are suitable.


Shortly an upgrade kit to the full STD Differential as well as a conversion kit to change from STD to STX will be announced.


The interior of the STX is almost identical to the STD except for the one missing ramp. Planets and satellite wheels are identical. All ramp angles 1-4 can be used (by delivery 1 and 3 are default, the other ramp is necessary for 2 and 4). There is a small brake disc in the standard delivery. This can be easily exchanged by the middle or large disc.


To wrap up the basic advantages of the STX:


  • Well priced: $448.99
  • Extremely lightweight 312 gram
  • Perfect traction
  • Easy to Drive
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compatible with all commonly known Gears and driveshafts 
  • Fully upgradable to the STD Differential
  • Suiting all standard touring cars and F1 vehicles.