LIGHTSCALE SDS 2.0 Steering Damper System Upgrade Kit (Futaba BLS671SV Servo)

LIGHTSCALE SDS 2.0 Steering Damper System Upgrade Kit (Futaba BLS671SV Servo)

SKU: 54013003

LIGHTSCALE SDS 2.0 Steering Damper System Upgrade Kit for Midi-Servo (35x15mm) like Futaba BLS671SV or Savöx SH-1250MG. The maintenance-free steering kit for all JABBER bikes (Jabber 2013, Jabber 2015 and Jabber 2011WCR (with low profile conversion) replaces the hydraulic steering damper with springs, eliminating backlash and friction to a minimum, eliminating the hassle of swapping the oil and springs. There are six types of damping elements (differentiated by different colors), the damping can be fine-tuned in 3 steps, and the suspension can be adjusted precisely to the wishes of the pilot with 9-point rod springs SDS 2.0 works reliably and once found setups can be reproduced at any time SDS 2. 0 comes with the springs 0.90mm and 1.00mm as well as the rotary damper 0.30 Ncm (green). SDS 2.0 is designed for OS16 geometry, so if you have not upgraded your bike to OS16 yet, you will need the triple clamps from the OS16 kit with 16mm offset (No.54011331 and 54011351 . 

Optional springs and rotary damper for SDS 2.0: 

00240085 bar springs 0.85mm (4 pieces) 
00240090 bar springs 0.90mm (4 pieces) 
00240095 bar springs 0.95mm (4 pieces) 
00240100 bar springs 1.00mm (4 pieces) 
00240105 bar springs 1.05mm (4 pieces) 
00240110 bar springs 1.10mm (4 pieces) 
00240115 Bar springs 1.15mm (4 pieces) 
00240120 Bar springs 1.20mm (4 pieces) 

00241012 Rotary damper 0.12 Ncm (Beige) SDS 2.0 
00241025 Rotary damper 0.25 Ncm (Yellow) SDS 2.0 
00241030 Rotary damper 0.30 Ncm (Green) SDS 2.0
00241045 Rotary Damper 0.45 Ncm (Brown) SDS 2.0 
00241060 Rotary Damper 0.60 Ncm (Black) SDS 2.0 
00241095 Rotary Damper 0.95 Ncm (Red) SDS 2.0 

00314040 Sleeve (2), Steel 2.5x4.0x4.0 Spring-loaded Jabber SDS 2.0 
00314540 Sleeve (2 ), Steel 2,5x4,5x4,0 Jabber for spring preload SDS 2.0 

Spare parts for SDS 2.0: 

00241000 clamp f. Rotation 
damper SDS 2.0 00241001 Mounting adapter f. Rotary 
Damper SDS 2.0 00310001 Servo Lever Adapter, SDS, Carbon SDS 2.0]] 
00310002 Spring Retainer f. SDS 2.0 
54010301 Steering head bearing seat SDS 2.0, plastic Jabber 
Steering head axle 2016, aluminum, internal thread Jabber 54013102 Steering plate SDS 2.0, carbon 
54022312 Mounting plate, steering head, bottom, for 16 mm offset, SDS 2.0, carbon 
54022520 Mounting plate, steering head, top, SDS 2.0, 16mm offset 
54022521 Servo mount, standard servo f. SDS 2.0 
54022522 Servo mount frame 671 Servo f. SDS 2.0

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