LIGHTSCALE Panel 2016 Seat 1.5mm cut for JABBER Bike

SKU: 54101202

LIGHTSCALE Seat Cover 2016 1.5mm cut, unpainted clear for JABBER Bike. 


The 2016 seat fits all JABBER bikes, it can be completed with the driver No. 54101400 and the matching helmet No. 54101300 to a complete driver's dummy. The 3-piece driver's dummy is designed for SDS 2.0, while a steering damper has to be cut out at the seat. 

Parts to complete fairing 2016 for JABBER bikes: 

54101102 front fairing 1.5mm cut out 
54101202 seat 1.5mm cut out 
54101300 helmet 1.0mm 
54101400 driver 1.5mm cut 

Complete JABBER fairing with driver's doll 2016: 54102000

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