LIGHTSCALE Panel 2016 Helmet 1.5mm for JABBER Bike

SKU: 54101300

LIGHTSCALE Cover 2016 Helmet 1.5mm cut, unpainted clear for JABBER Bike.

The helmet for the 2016 rider's doll is fixed with Lexan glider (eg Shoegoo ) on the driver No. 54101400 . Together with the driver's seat number 54101200, the driver's dummy can be completed. The 3-piece driver's dummy is designed for SDS 2.0, while a steering damper has to be cut out at the seat.

Parts complete fairing 2016 for JABBER bikes: 

54101102 front fairing 1.5mm cut out 
54101200 seat 1.5mm cut out 
54101400 Pilot 1.5 cut out

Complete JABBER fairing with driver's doll 2016: 54102000


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