SKU: LS-1Full



This full option kit includes the following extras:

  • Front forks with the optional floating pistons (Double action damping)
  • The super solid central ESC and battery tray now made from one piece ergral alloy.
  •  3 extra sets of springs for the HD SDS version 2 Steering system.
  • The option power switch holder for the Genius 120 Speedo.




The Lightscale 1 Bike is a complete new development designed by JABBER. It relies on the proven powertrain and the proven fork construction. Chassis and swingarm the heart of the bike are completely redesigned for maximum ease of driving out of the kit. The bike comes complete with front brake, ROADIES tires and bodywork as a kit with detailed assembly instructions.

The bike relies on the simple construction of flat carbon plates with the benefits of molded carbon in mind. Therefore, it is possible to offer a high-end bike for a very reasonable price.


Of course, the LIGHTSCALE 1 bike makes use of the modern SDS 2.0 steering damper system in its 4-spring variant. There is no space on this bike for outdated oil damper technology with all its disadvantages.

The bike is designed for the new ROADIES tires that are vulcanised directly onto the rims. The low weight of the tires contributes to the easy handling and allows for a very light bike with outstanding agility (depending on the used electronics about 1600g).


LIGHTSCALE bikes are well known for their stability and quality therefore unmatched in the market.

With a refined geometry is easy to estimate under load (when accelerating). It indicates its limits with a slight drift that does not impact traction. As a result, the tires are easily brought to working temperature.

This is also noticeable during braking.


The bike shows its limits before becoming unstable. The modified centre of gravity ensures a very nice neutral steering behaviour. The bike nicely pulls itself towards the apex, hovering through the turn. Nevertheless, it is very easy to drive even in low-grip conditions.


Despite the redesign many parts remain compatible, making it easy for LIGHTSCALE and JABBER bike owners to upgrade. Conversion kits will be available soon.