Lightscale Jabber 2015+ FULL OPTION

Lightscale Jabber 2015+ FULL OPTION

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The Jabber 2015 builds consistently on the platform of the 2013 model to which the World Championship Superbike and the European Championship decided in 2013 and 2014. Chassis and swingarms are made of carbon, the upside down fork is completely finished in high quality 7075 aluminum and thanks to specially coated components and volume compensation very delicate and precise. 


The rigid construction of the bike leads to extremely simple and good-natured driving behavior combined with perfect traction and fast response. The 15 model is based on a chassis and fork lowered by 9mm and is even stiffer and agile compared to the 13ner. 


The steering head angle has been extended by a steeper variant and a new steering head is used, Which is provided with a sleeve for bracing the ball bearings in the steering head. All novelties of the 15th can be installed in an upgrade kit or as individual parts in the 13th bike. Several parts are also suitable for the JABBER 2011.


As with most bike kits, the model comes pre-assembled, a  3-channel remote control is recommended, a 1/10 Brushless set, a steering servo (40x20mm low profile Savox 1251 or similiar), a brake servo (Savox 1250 or similar) and a rechargeable battery (typically 7.4V Hardcase- LiPo) is required. 

  • Features and Technical Specs:

    The JABBER 2015+ has many new and innovative improvements: 

    - new, smaller main chassis 
    - new steering system SDS 2.0 as standard 
    - new telescopic front axle (similar to BFFA) 
    - new shock absorber with counter-piston No. 54014000 as standard 
    - new front and rear hub to (For old and new tire system) 
    - new front and rear belt pulleys (belt runs farther outside, no rubber rubbing in the belt) 
    - new battery holder (aluminum, black anodised) 
    - new, narrower front trim (fits the frame) 
    - cpl. Rider from Lexan included


    This Full option model includes the following upgrades:


    - 2016 front wheel brake with steel brake disc and GRP brake pads 
    - 2016 BFFA front wheel axle 
    - 2016 throat bracket (more inclined) 
    - 2016 weight container (For balancing the bike) 
    - Rubber Battery Strap (battery mounting rubber)

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