Lightscale Airbox Touringcar N.R.G

Lightscale Airbox Touringcar N.R.G

SKU: 52023000

Air box Touringcar N.R.G.,

plastic, black colour, complete set including all necessary accessories.

Lightscale N.R.G. is a high power, low noise and light weight air box system which fits all common known Touring car Models.

Its power is the result of it’s big volume. Especially the area above the carburetor is optimized to guarantee the gas pillars `proper work.


The Air Box outer part is made from robust fuel resistant plastic, which is impact resistant as well as flexible. This material is also part of the noise reduction system, ultra light weight without having to use fragile and expensive carbon fiber materials.

The incoming air is filtered with a foam piece just in front of the air intake and therefore as far as possible positioned from the carburetor intake. This fact also assists the power development and offers perfectly filtered air as well as easy access for maintenance.


As a result the use of Lightscales`N.R.G. Air box leads to a real gain of power and longer engine lifetime.