Lehner 1920 Bike Motor

Lehner 1920 Bike Motor

SKU: 1920Bike

1920 Bike


More and more we can see RC-Bikes on the racetracks.

Modern technical solutions made this possible. A worldwide RC-Bike community has grown and wants to be taken as serious as modelers of other genres.

Some professionals asked us to produce a motor for the use in 1/5 scale RC-Bikes. The motor should not only satisfy the ambitioned racer, it should even convince him.


The 1920 Bike is the consistent realization.


Referring to performance, efficiency and production quality this motor sets new standards also in the RC-Bike scene. Produced according to the attitude of our house.


Already during the introduction period Team JABBER was able to win some national and international Championship titles.


World Champion in the years 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015
German Champion in the years 2012 and 2013
French Champion in the year 2013

Convince yourself!


The motor works in triangle (factory state) or star configuration.
rpm per volt – under load: triangle 6270, star 3637
Other specifications on request.


Fits for:
JABBER, Thunder Tiger SB5, KP Designs, Nuova Faor, Eini Bike, RG Evolution and more.

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