GRP Revo 2018 GRX12-R2

GRP Revo 2018 GRX12-R2

SKU: GRX12-R2-18

1:5 BIKE - SLICK 2018 Front - R2 Soft Rain - Mounted on Carbon Black Wheel X-RG - 1 Piece


This tyre is for use in the following conditions:


- VERY LOW GRIP situation for wet track

- LOW GRIP situation for umid track

- LOW GRIP situation for low temperatures

  • Technical Specs :

    This tyre has the following technical features:


    - SLICK profile for the maximum lateral grip and maximum life

    - R2 Soft Rain compound exclusively developed for model tyres

    - Spoked wheel moulded with special material with Carbon Fiber, and with flexible structure for maximum grip and stability

    - Special gluing system between tyre and wheel, without insert, 100% guaranteed


    The main sizes for this tyre are:


    - WHEEL fixing with central hole 18mm, with 4 holes 3,2mm with diameter 24mm

    - TYRE outside diameter 110mm

    - WHEEL inside diameter 84mm

    - TYRE total width 27,5mm