GENIUS XR4 Entry Level

GENIUS XR4 Entry Level

SKU: XR4-Entry

The Genius XR4 is a high-performance 1: 5 scale model car , designed especially for competition use. 
Developed in 2017, it presents an evolution both in terms of chassis and geometry compared to the previous XR3 model. The various components have been designed to be more robust and durable. 
Thanks to all this , maintenance is simplified and the machine as a whole is more efficient, achieving even higher performance. 
If you are starting out and you are planning to start racing on the track this is the entry level model for you!



Genius XR4 - 2017

  • Entry Level Model
  • Body Support

  • Receiver Antenna Support

  • Bellows Anti-roll Bar

  • Advanced Technology System Easy to set Up


Do you need assembly instructions for this GENIUS model car? 
On the downloads page you will find the complete manual available in PDF format . Download it in a moment and you're ready to get to work! We hope you find it useful, but if you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


    Technical details
    Weight 10 Kg
    Length 535 mm (Regular Wheelbase)
    Width 395 mm (Regular Wheelbase)
    Engine 22.5 CC
    Tank capacity 700 cc
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