RG-EVO 5 Lipo

RG-EVO 5 Lipo

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The EVO 5 Lipo is the most current model in the RG Evolution line up. Designed to be a competitive Race Kit but with some minor changes in comparison to its big brother the EVO 5R Lipo (no expense spared pro bike). A great kit to start with for 1:5 racing and can be spec'd up to Evo 5R. This kit is supplied without a front brake, without tires and without a body.

DISCONTINUED. replaced by BK1


    The EVO 5 Lipo from Italian manufacturer RG Evolution is 1:5 model

    GP race bike that is competitive yet affordable. The EVO 5 replaces  

    previous model EVO 4 and EVO 4.1R.


    The Chassis comprises of two large carbon fiber plates, which are joined at the bottom by an aluminum bridge that is connected to the      

    battery holder. The battery is located low and is installed on its side

    giving  greater lean angles for cornering.


    The motor (540size) fits between the two chassis plates and has a

    separate aluminium motor mounting system, instead of the front of the traditional bearing plate of the motor. This system uses an aluminium

    clamp on the motor housing is mounted in the models chassis. 


    This motor clamp also serves as a bearing support for the main

    transmission shaft and swingarm pivot. The bikes uses 48DP Spur and appropriate 48P pinion gear.


    Steering of the RG EVO 5 Lipo via a hydraulic steering damper with

    low starting torque. The rear wheel is guided by a multi-part swingarm made of solid aluminum, the swing arms themselves are made of

    carbon. The power transmission to the rear wheel takes a broader,

    more resistant toothed belt. The rear wheel is damped by a high-

    quality, lying mounted shock absorber with link system. The rear

    shock end is mounted on a separate carbon plate and can be fixed in 3 different positions to suit your track and driving preferences. Uses

    any 5mm diameter crash bars.

    The bike comes with carbon rims. it requires lexan body and tyres to suit such as GRP or ROADIES. The bike comes pre-assembled. In a

    two-part kit.


    To complete the kit, a remote control with 1x low profile servo required for steering.  A 2-channel remote control, 1/10 scale ESC and 540

    brushless motor of choice.  


  • Technical Specs :

    scale 1:5

    length  425mm

    Width (without wires)   92mm

    height  250mm

    wheelbase approx 312mm

    Weight (with tires & trim without RC & Battery)   approx 1090gr

    speed  varies on motor and gearing used capable of 100+KM/H

    battery pack  2S / 7.4V lipo (approx 140 x 47 x 25mm with about 5000 to 7000 mAh)