Competition Motorcycle LIGHTSCALE Competition 2018

Competition Motorcycle LIGHTSCALE Competition 2018

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JABBER (originally JABBER - stands for " J ust A nother B ike B y E di R acing"), the Super Bike designed by World Champion Edi Winter has been manufactured by Lightscale since 2013. 


This bike, JABBER 2011 WCR 2.0 a.k.a 2018 Competition Bike, represents an updated version of the JABBER 2011 World Championship Replica, which has established itself as a lower-priced alternative to the JABBER 2013/2015 / 2015+ with 3D frame and swing parts.


This bike features excellent stability and agility, capable of high lean angles and very easy to use for beginners to learn on and be on the road to FAST in a short time. Many of the parts used are identical to JABBER 2013/15 and therefore also interchangeable. 


The 2.0 version , has the following new parts and updates from the previous model: 

- Low-profile chassis standard (about 10mm lowered) 
- Low-profile front fork with OS16 and Onepiece dip tubes ( as with JABBER 2015+) 
- new steering system SDS 2.0 as standard 
- new telescopic front axle (similar to BFFA) 
- new shock absorber with counter piston No. 54014000 as standard 
- new front and rear hub to accommodate different rim stars (for old and new tire system) 
- new pulleys front and rear (belt runs farther out, no more rubber abrasion in the belt) 
- latest version of the front brake as standard
- new, narrower 
2016 front fairing - cpl. Lexan driver doll included as a set of B3 Roadies tyres. Just add electronics and hit the track!


Another significant update to the bike is the SDS 2.0 steering system, with two steel steering wires and one rotary damper, this makes driving with the JABBER 2011 WCR 2.0 easier and eliminates the need for a hydraulic steering damper. 


With the new front forks, this bike is now on the same level as the JABBER 2015+, the latest version of the front brake is also now included.