Carbon Rim LS-1 for split tyres

Carbon Rim LS-1 for split tyres

SKU: 54032602-LS

Carbon rim  front / rear,  for ROADIES 2016 (two-piece tires). With this rim, the new two-piece ROADIES 2016 tyres can be mounted on all LIGHTSCALE / JABBER bikes with the new 2016 rear axle set (from JABBER 2015+ or LIGHTSCALE COMPETITION 2018). 


For all older bikes the 2016 rear axle set no. 54032700 can be retrofitted. At the front, a telescopic axle or BFFA must be installed (eg 5401270054012710 or 54012711 ). The star is used on both the front and the rear axle.

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