ARM 540 Supermoto Pro Kit ELECTRIC

ARM 540 Supermoto Pro Kit ELECTRIC

SKU: ARM-001

The ARX-540 was the first model of the company, AR Racing from Cusago / Italy founded in 2006. 

This motorcycle model is scale 1: 4, and uses a 540 motor (4300KV or higher), ideally a brushless system. The bike is available either as Cross model with off-road tires (ARX-540) or as Supermoto motorcycle (ARM 540) with slicks. Available in two trim levels ( BASE kit and PRO kit). This is the Supermoto Pro Kit with all the optional upgrades throughout including the newly released direct steering front end setup.

  • ARX 540 Pro Kit Motard

    The pictures refers to the look of the bike at the end of the assembly process, with the electronic components, that are not included in the kit. All electronic components that are not included in the kit can be purchased separately.


    ARX-540 Pro Kit Electric Motard

    Radio controlled motorbike 1:4


    Motorbike kit to be assembled, no electronics included, no battery included.


    FRAME 4 plates used to create the frame: 2 upper and 2 lower, produced from 2 mm aluminum with laser cut technology. Assembled together using 6 mm steel bolts and aluminum spacers created from solid blocks with CNC technology.


    This structure is designed to create a lighter upper part, which means a lower center of gravity, to obtain an awesome stability and perfect steering ability on any sort of surface.

    The upper part of the frame is ideal to locate the electronics, receiver and servos, as it is far and protected from water, mud, sand and debris. The lower part of the frame is the motor/battery area. Aluminum spacers are used to resist to the torsional stress produced during extreme riding.


    Upside- down spring fork, bolted to the frame through 2 CNC Triple clamps and equipped with the new updated direct steering setup. The new steering provides faster steering response and more front wheel throw left to right allowing tighter turns. A tough package that will provide longevity.



    The rear swing arm is divided in 3 parts: 2 arms produced using die casting technology and a central part produced using injection molding technology in tecnopolimer.



    It is possible to select up to 6 different position to fix the shock absorber to the frame in order to choose the preferred set up. different weight oils can also be used to suit your setup preferences


    BODY: Supplied cut transparent lexan.


    DOLL:  The doll is black white and orange.


    The pictures are purely indicative.Components colors may vary in case of possible updates / changes of the production process.


    Spare parts not included in this kit, needed to ride:


    Engine: Any 1/10 scale brushless system. Recommended 4300KV

    ESC: 45A Brushless ESC or Better

    Servo. 1/10 scale standard servo for steering

    Radio: Transmitter and Receiver of your choice.

  • Technical Specs :

    Specifications ARX-540 / ARM-540:

    scale 1: 4
    length 500 mm
    Width (without crash bars) 125 mm
    Height (incl. Driver) 480 mm
    diameter front 165 mm
    diameter rear 150 mm
    front travel 75 mm
    rear travel up to 80 mm
    Weight (without RC, Engine & Battery) 2600 g
    speed depending on the motor / battery / translation to about 60 km / h
    drive battery 7.2V NiMH, or 7.4V LiPo (Stick)