SKU: ARX-011
The Pro Kit Nitro version in assembly Kit.  Pictures are indicative of finished build.
  • ARX 540 Pro Kit Nitro Cross

    The pictures refers to the look of the bike at the end of the assembling process, with the electronic components, that are not included in the building box product. All electronic components are not included in the building box and can be purchased apart.


    Radio controlled motorbike 1:4

    • Electric Gyro (stabilization system)



    RadioControlled motorbikes 1:4 scale. Weight 3,2 KG. Dimensions L x W x H 52x18x30 without doll



    4 plates used to create the frame: 2 upper and 2 lower produced from 2 mm aluminum with laser cut technology, followed by black anodic, assembled together using 6 mm steel bolts and aluminum spacers created from solid blocks with CNC technology.


    This structure is designed to create a lighter upper part, which means a lower center of gravity, to obtain an awesome stability and perfect steering ability on any sort of surface.


    The upper part of the frame is ideal to locate the electronics, receiver and servos, as it is far and protected from water, mud, sand and debris. The lower part of the frame is the motor/ battery area. Aluminum spacers are used to resist to the torsional stress produced during extreme riding.



    Upside- down spring fork, bolted to  the frame through 2 CNC clamps and 2 plastic connecting rods reinforced and  mounted on 8 ball bearing to create a really smooth and accurate steering effect. At the front end too all the components are produced from solid aluminum blocks with CNC technology, tolerances are kept to the minimum to obtain maximum smoothness operation during the compression/extension of the fork, fast steering responds and a tough package.



    The rear swing arm is divided in 3 parts: 2 arms produced using die casting technology and a central part produced using injection molding technology in tecnopolimer. The rear fork comes pre-assembled, with the chain guide and the shock absorber holder.



    Working on the clutch bell to minimize the effort necessary to decelerate.


    BODY in lexan trasparent.


    DOLL. The doll is black, white and orange. All the pics are purely indicative.


    Components colors may vary in case of possible updates / changes of the production process.


    Parts excluded from the kit:

    4 cells NiMh receiver pack AAA size, and a lipo pack for the gyro 2s min 800mAh 30x24x65 to insert into the frame above the steering servo.

    Radio Control:  1 receiver, 2.4 GHz
    2 Servo: 3.5kg x cm

    Clutch Bell
    Clutch with flywheel
    Air Filter
    Motor Go 2.5cc, 3 port, side exhaust


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