ARM-540 Super Motard ARTR

ARM-540 Super Motard ARTR


The ARX-540 was the first model of the company, AR Racing from Cusago / Italy founded in 2006.  AR offers the 1/4 scale models in a variety of trims and power options. In partnership with BSD Racing technologies, they continue to update and improve the model.

This motorcycle model is scale 1: 4,  The bike is available either as Cross model with off-road tires (ARX-540) or as Supermoto motorcycle (ARM 540) with slicks. Available in two trim levels ( BASE kit and PRO kit). This is the Supermoto Base kit pre-assembled and ready to run


    Equipped with electric flywheel (e-gyro). The motorbike is assembled with Electronics included. You will need to supply your own radio and receiver and 7.4V battery.


    All AR Bike versions have a common chassis made of laser-cut, 2mm thick aluminum plates with cross-connecting struts. The rear wheel is damped by an oil pressure shock absorber, on the front fork springs are installed without hydraulic damping, which allows for greater wheel travel. 


    The rear wheel is driven by roller chain, steering is via a linkage with double springs. To keep the bike stable in low speed driving or low traction conditions the rear wheel has an electrically driven flywheel installed (E-gyro / gyro system).  A brushless motor + controller sit directly on the rear axle within the rim, the voltage (7.4V - 2s Lipo) arrives here via a special swingarm without cables directly from the regulator or battery to the rear wheel. 


    Once the bike is powered up the gyroscope spins up to a predetermined speed and rotates continuously during travel. The AR E-Gyro is now the 3rd generation - an additional clutch brings the heavy flywheel very slowly to operating speed and protects the controller and motor. 


    All AR-540 electric bikes are designed to use a standard stick battery (LiPo 7.4V or 7.2V NiMH), they are used at an angle from below the chassis. An easily accessible plastic cover allows fast battery replacement from below without having to un screw anything.


    The ARX-540 stands out due to its stability. In 1:4 scale this bike handles the rough terrain without problem.


    The Pro Kit offers additional anodization of aluminium parts that gives the kit a bling finish and offers additional strength over moulded composite parts. The pro-kit also includes the upgraded direct steering system developed. All Base versions can be upgraded to suit individual needs. The fairing of the bike is made of clear Lexan and can be customized to suit your own preference. A painted rider / driver made of durable plastic is also included. Instructional manual included. 


     Help in selecting the right bike:   BASE kit or PRO kit?


    The base and pro-kits share exactly the same geometry and chassis. Unlike the pro kit some of anodized aluminium  parts have been replaced by composite plastic injection parts such as the front and rear wheel hubs, the bearing receivers of the transmission shaft, the fork triples and fork caps. The PRO kit version gets the new direct steering (available as an upgrade for Base Versions), instead of the two parallel-arm system used in the BASE kit.  


    The included battery is cube shape, and fits down low in the battery bay (low center of gravity), but a normal 7.4V stick pack (145mm long, with ultra-Deans plug) to accommodate the battery compartment will fit. 


    Cross model or Supermoto?

    All versions of the bike, whether BASE kit RTR or the PRO kit each bike can be used on or off-road. Unlike the cross-Bike Supermoto rolls on slicks, the front wheel like a 1: 1 supermoto model is smaller in diameter (smaller rim). The front suspension travel is limited in the Supermoto by stop sleeves, the springs used are harder, wound progressively and correspondingly shorter. The scratch bars used on the Supermoto are made ​​of steel (instead of plastic). The Cross model can be used, of course, both in the field and on the road, but tyre wear is increased. Conversion kits are available separatley to convert the cross to super moto or vice versa.







  • Technical Specs :

    scale 1: 4
    length 500 mm
    Width (without crash bars) 125 mm
    Height (incl. Driver) 480 mm
    diameter front 165 mm
    diameter rear 150 mm
    front travel 75 mm
    rear travel up to 80 mm
    Weight (without RC, Engine & Battery) 2600 g
    speed depending on the motor / battery / translation to about 60 km / h
    drive battery 7.2V NiMH, or 7.4V LiPo (Stick)