RG Evolution BK-R2 (R3)

RG Evolution BK-R2 (R3)


UPDATE: 1/7/20: This bike is also called the BKR3 by some. They are the same bike.

UPDATE 1/12/19 : Now equipped with single sided swing arm. 


The BK-R2 is the further evolution of the hugely successful BK-R1. The BK-R1 has been 3 times Superbike world champion and 1time world Stockbike winner. With updated front forks and a new front brake system the BK-R2 is ready to outperfom it's older brother and the rest of the competition in 2019. An updated steering damper and triple clamp setup for indirect steering setup is now supplied as standard.


Option parts available to order with this bike include NAI system for front forks, a new air ducting (pictured) which improves ESC cooling significantly and adds to the asthetics of the bike and 30 degree scratch bar holders are optional to the supplied 20 degree stock holders. If required, it can be ordered in the stockbike version without front brake or alternatively  with the old cable brake system from the BK-R1. 


The Steering of the RG BK-R2 via the updated hydraulic steering damper is very smooth, responsive and extremely precise in controlling the bike. As standard the bike comes with a standard low profile servo plate (40x20mm).  A midi servo plate (35x15mm) is available as an option. 


The new front brake is now equipped with a larger diameter disc and Ferodo brake pads as standard equipment. The new brake now utilizes the servo in the caliper allowing for a more compact and efficent system. 


The new hydraulic front forks of the BK-R2 come with a special coating for super smooth response. the new forks have been totally updated and include new lower fork legs. Compared with the previous version these forks are 2.5mm narrower, giving even greater ground clearance and possibility of even more lean angle. 


20 ° scratch bar holders are standard equipment, mounted on a separate carbon plate, they can be shifted in different positions forward and rearward. 30° scratch bar holders are available as an option for thos more expert pilots. A set of 5mm Scratch Bars are included with the kit.


The kit includes a set of GRP REVO M3 slicks on wheel rims.  Alternatively all other wheels, such as ROADIES, can be used with the aluminum wheel rims that are available. The bike is delivered pre-assembled as standard but can be ordered in an kit form to assemble. We recommend only experienced modellers choose this option.


To operate the model a remote control with 1 servo (1x standard low profile 40x 20mm) is needed for steering. for the new front brake RG recommend and include the KST X08 V5 Micro Digital Metal Gear servo, replacements available here


for the radio a 3-channel remote control is recommended for the operation of the model, in which the front brake (3rd channel) can be mixed with the rear brake on the throttle channel. The brake balance between the front and the rear can be adjusted much easier and finer in this way.


A brushless set (540 motor size) is recommended for the drivetrain. All 2S hardcase lipos with a length of 140mm (approx. 5000 to 7500 mAh) are suitable. We recommend rechargeable batteries with 4mm or 5mm sockets inserted in the housing. Our recomendation for batteries can be found here


All parts of the kit are available as spare parts, either individually or in assemblies. A link to all spare parts here 


If you have any further questions about the model, please send us an email.

  • Technical Specs :

    scale 1:5

    length  425mm

    Width (without wires)   92mm

    height  250mm

    wheelbase approx 306mm

    Weight (with tires & trim without RC & Battery)   approx 1090gr

    speed  varies on motor and gearing used capable of 100+KM/H

    battery pack  2S / 7.4V lipo (approx 140 x 47 x 25mm with about 5000 to 7000 mAh)