1:4 Bike AR Motard rear slick tyre

1:4 Bike AR Motard rear slick tyre

SKU: GR21-M3

1:4 BIKE AR - MOTARD Rear - M3 Medium - Donut for Self Gluing - 1 Piece


This Tyre have the following use indications:

- For all ASPHALT Track

- For all conditions of TEMPERATURE

  • Features:


    - MOTARD Slick profile

    - Tyre wiwth maximun traction and maximum lateral grip

    - M3 Medium compound exclusively developped for model tyres

    - Inside structure and external profile AR original


    The main sizes for this tyre are:

    - TYRE outside diameter 140mm

    - TYRE total width 47mm

  • Fits

    - 1:4 BIKE AR, for Rear

    - Tyre for self gluing on Original AR wheel