Lightscale One build.

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

First let’s un-box this kit. A nice change from previous models is this nicely printed box..

Nicely printed manual included at the top, but what is under the book??

All parts well organised and carefully packaged.

Beneath the small parts bags we find the fairing, pilot and tyres and length of nylon for crash bar.

Unboxed and ready to start building!!

This is the first 1:5 European race bike to be offered as a build kit, and to date one of the most affordable kits in the range. I was excited to get started on building it, but before that a couple of extra steps I felt were important to sort out.....

these high quality SLS parts needed a colour change. I used Rit dye powder available from the supermarket or craft store. First I cleaned the parts, washed them with soap and prepared my colour soup🙂

Mix the dye with water and heat to simmer on the stove before adding your parts. Then keeping the water simmering, stir occasionally and leave the parts soaking for 30-45 mins or until you achieve the desired results.

Now we have some nice black parts and the colour will not scratch off. To complete I just rinse the parts, dry and we are ready to assemble.

Step by step this build went together without any issues. Working through each section you reach a point where you have 3 completed sections ready to assemble and complete the bike

Feeling very satisfied by this stage. Time for a break before continuing on with the fork and rear shock assemblies.

things really starting to shape from here on. The finish line is not far it seems but still plenty to do....complete the rear shock, front brake assembly, front and rear hubs and.....

We have a rolling LS-1 chassis ready to install ESC, motor, front brake and receiver. For the Electronics we went the the LEHNER 1920 bike brushless motor and Graupner Genius ESC.

Just like all previous Lighatscale Bikes the space for electronics is very generous allowing a number of options to suit your individual preferences.

Mechanically complete with all electronics installed and tested. You can see how much space is available and the Graupner speed controller has a larger footprint than most other comparable units of other brands.

All that was left was to prepare some lexan for painting and she is ready for the first roll out.

More to follow....

if you have any questions or queries about this bike or others drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help. Or if you cannot wait to start building your own....follow the link,

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