ZH-218B 1:8 Competition Race Bike ARTR

ZH-218B 1:8 Competition Race Bike ARTR

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Building on the very fast and successful 216B, the 218B has some subtle upgrades and slight changes to make it even better. If you already own a 216B you will be happy to know that the new parts are available to retro fit the previous model.


The 218B uses a cantilever swingarm with the motor mounted to it. This helps in weight transfer and balance of the bike front to rear. The design of the 218B is a much slimmer and the battery is mounted sideways allowing even greater lean angles for fast corners.


 This kit uses a 2030 size brushless motor (included).


The kit comes ARTR and while assembled will require some disassembly when installing the servo's, electronics and front brake setup. illustrated instructions available at, www.zh-racing.com.



  • ZH-218B 1/8 RACE KIT

    ZH 218B Competition race bike.


    Model comes assembled and ARTR.

    Hobby WIng 25A Brushless ESC included with 2030 size brushless motor


    A full supply of replacement parts and option tuning parts available here.

    These bikes are ideal to race on any 1/10 scale on-road track or larger. 


    Other Features:


    • The durable 1/8 bike is similar to 1/5 bike structure
    • Carbon fiber chassis
    • New for 2018 alloy head stock
    • Aluminium motor mount
    • Milled lower fork legs for improved leaning clearance
    • intergrated lower fork leg and brake caliper
    • Includes brushless motor and ESC with programming card!
    • Aluminum front and rear wheels
    • High grip tires
    • Aluminum USD forks
    • Cantilever carbon swingarm
    • Adjustable large volume rear shock
    • Front disc brake
    • 2 X Digital servos for steering and brake function
    • Full ball-bearings included
    • Pinion gear
    • Steering rods and springs
    • Nylon crash bars
    • New upgraded steering damper
    • Side ways battery mounting like 1/5 scale bikes for extreme lean.
    • New Release (2018) Detailed and durable Lexan bodywork with rider (unpainted)
    • Pre-assembled chassis (ARTR)
    • Radio control and battery not included

    Required to run:

    • RX/TX
    • LiPo battery



  • Technical Specs :


    scale 1: 8
    length 275mm
    Width  30mm
    height 220mm
    wheelbase 190mm
    Weight  (chassis with motor) 427g
    drive battery 7.4V LiPo / 7.2V NiMH
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