ROADIES Bike tire front B1, on rim 2016

ROADIES Bike tire front B1, on rim 2016

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Bike tire front B1, on rim 2016


The tires are pre-glued and perfectly centered on the new ultra-light rim. This rim is made by injection molding from high quality and indestructible polyamide.


As an option, the ROADIES bike tires are now also available individually and without adhesive, so that the rims can be re-used after detachment of the tires in acetone, thus saving costs.


The "soft" compound is suitable for use in the rain and on dry sections from -10 ° Celsius to + 40 °. Its optimum application range is between + 5 ° and 20 ° Celsius.


The "Pro" Compound is suitable for use on a dry track and has an optimal range of use from 20 ° to 45 ° Celsius, especially dusty and dirty conditions, making it an ideal parking tire.


The new ROADIES rim is manufactured in two parts at the front and at the rear, which makes them hollow, which makes them extremely light. It is available in white and neon yellow. 


The rims are also available individually without glued tires and can be separated from bonded tires in acetone and used again and again without any damage. An ingenious system makes it possible to insert additional weights into the rim and thus to vary the weight of the tire. In addition, additional weights can be applied from the outside in order to be able to react flexibly to different route conditions.


The tires, which are marked as "heavy" in the article description, do not include any additional weights added to the rim. They weigh 235 grams at the rear and 138 grams at the front. The tires, marked as "light", are delivered without additional weights in the rims. Their weight is 178 grams at the rear and 99 grams at the front.


The optional weights for exterior mounting weigh 40 grams at the back and 30 grams at the front.

ROADIES tires fit all standard wheel rims of the various bike manufacturers.