SKU: TE00510.01

SLICK tires are reinforced as they have a body plies that allows them to withstand the considerable stresses they are subjected to. The body is made up of hard radial plies on the sides, to maximize handling, and a soft 90 ° nylon belt, to contain the increase in diameter due to centrifugal force.


The tires, complete with rim, are glued with PMT cyanoacrylate glue through the use of automated machines that guarantee perfect centering and ensure maximum grip.

  • Technical :

    Type : 1/5 Touring

    Tread pattern :Slick

    Compound : S

    Hardness Compound : 42 Shore A

    Tyre Width : 65mm

    Tyre diameter :118mm

    Pattern use : Dry

    Use compound : Front & Rear, Long life

    Rim Type : P2 White