1:5 TC Tyre GWH02-XP1

1:5 TC Tyre GWH02-XP1


1:5 TC -GWH02-XP1 NEW - NEW XP1 ExtraSoft - Mounted on New Black or white Wheel


This pair of Tyres have the following use indications:


- This tyre from XP serie is for ENDURANCE USE

- MEDIUM GRIP situation for clean track

- MEDIUM GRIP situation for medium asphalt

- MEDIUM GRIP situation for medium temperatures


This pair of Tyres as suitable for following cars:

- All cars 1:5 TC, for Front and Rear


These are in stock with warehouse, allow 5-10days shipping for these.

  • Technical :

    This pair of Tyres have the following technical features:

    - REVO carved profile for the maximum traction and the maximum lateral grip

    - Carved profile studied to maintain the tyre surface alway clean from rubber murble

    - XP1 Soft compound exclusively developped for model tyres

    - Internal vulcanized belt with new specific angle weave

    - Insert with new variable deformation material

    - Wheel produced with new special material resistant to high temperatures and flexible at low temperatures

    - Special gluing system 100% guaranteed


    The main sizes for this tyre are:

    - WHEEL fixing with square 18mm

    - TYRE outside diameter 118mm

    - WHEEL inside diameter 90mm

    - TYRE total width 65mm